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Disinfection was never easy before

Greenolyte is a disinfection and sterilization solution produced

by electrochemical activation of brine solution

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About Greenolyte

Based in Norway, we produce and distribute Greenolyte - a universal germicidal agent that can be applied to all levels of disinfection and sanitation, pre-sterilizing treatment, disinfection of hard surfaces . Learn more



Greenolyte disinfectant is produced using food salt and water which is ultra-clean. This mixture of salt and water is then fed into the reactor chamber of our production machine.  A high electrical charge is passed through the reactor which ionises the brine and produces two separate liquids, Greenolyte and Gretholyte.  Learn more

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Greenolyte solution is used for the health industry, hospitals, food industry, agriculture, swimming pools, social and sport-facilities, households, disinfection of drinking water, disinfection in epidemically dangerous regions, track - and air-traffic and for wide areas of the society. Learn more.

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