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Greenolyte can be used in many industries




Disinfection of gym building, equipment, floors and walls. Can be applied by spray fogging or trigger spray



Disinfection of school building, School Cantine, Disinfection of wardrobes, Tables, and walls and floors, school water treatment. Can be applied by spray fogging or trigger spray


Food and Beverages


Live Stock

Disinfection of rooms and equipment, increases the shelf life of products, vegetables, fruit, elimination of unpleasant smells;

Disinfection and sterilization of farmhouses,  cattle sheds, applying routinely to cattle feed by misting to maintain the sanitation of food. Very effective against all kinds of pathogens.


Fish Industry


Plant Growings

Disinfection of fish and seafoods with efficacy against all pathogenic microorganisms including listeria; Greenolyte can be used at fishing boat for shelf-life prolongation of fish and seafoods; Improving the quality of fish, meat, plant raw materials and shelf life-prolonging of conserves

Stimulation of plant growth and development, increasing the yield of plant crop by way of pre-sowing seed treatment, grain disinfection; pest control, combating viral and fungal plant diseases; composted dung preparation.





Disinfection and sterilization of hospital rooms, corridors, and operation theaters


Disinfection and washing of surfaces covered with plastic, oil paint, linoleum, sanitary and cleaning stock, rooms, clothes, elimination of unpleasant smells. Washing of surgeon's hands and arms without negative influence for skin. 

Disinfection of hotel rooms, toilets, corridors, restaurants, and kitchen.  Water treatment and disinfection at hotels and guest houses



Decontamination of water in swimming pools; Elimination of Legionella pneumophila in swimming pools, Effective against all kinds of pathogens in pool water, proven efficacy for treatment of the pool water. A long history of water treatment at swimming pools and water parks, Disinfection and treatment of swimming pools water, spa, saunas, etc.;



Cruise Ships

Very effective against Norovirus and other viruses. Norovirus is a constant struggle on cruise ships.  Suitable for disinfection of rooms, offices, kitchens, restaurant,s, and toilets. Can be used to increase the shelf life of seafood and vegetables and fruits. Very effective for the treatment of drinking and domestic water.  Eliminates the needs for chemical treatment of Ballast Water


Commercial Laundry

Sterilizing items of household use, items of medical care, washing and bleaching of linen.


Parks & Recreation

A long history of water treatment at swimming pools and water parks. For disinfection and sterilization of sitting areas, restaurants, cafeterias at theme park




Water Treatment

Transport disinfection (surfaces, walls, seats, floor, lavatories, etc.); Disinfection of air-conditioners; Disinfection of water supply systems in train;

Water disinfection at water treatment stations; Disinfection of sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater; Disinfection of wastewater of hospitals; Disinfection of artificial and natural reservoirs in emergency cases; Disinfection of water in aquarium, terrariums; Water disinfection in systems of recycling water supply of factories of energy economy, chemical and metal manufactures; Decontamination of water pipes, cooling towers; 

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