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Quality Assurance Process

Quality control is the part of GMP concerned with sampling, testing, documentation, and release procedures which ensure that the necessary and relevant quality control procedures are carried out and the finished product is not released for sale until their quality has been satisfactory.

Greenex uses high-quality ingredients (salt and ultrapure water) and modern machines to produce highly effective disinfection solutions. The effectiveness of the solution is proven with third-party laboratory tests and certifications. Greenolyte has been tested and granted EN1276:2009;  EN13697:2015; EN14476:2013 and EN13704:2018 certifications for effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, and spores in different environments. Greenolyte is in according to the transitional provisions and for use in product type (PT) 2,3,4 and 5.

Such quality procedures and certifications guarantee the quality and effectiveness in combatting dangerous viral, bacterial, fungal, and sporicidal activity. 


Laboratory Reports


Other Reports


Use Biocide Properly and Safely. Always read the label and product information before use Only for surface disinfection

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